Maria Laet

Born in 1982 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

The research of Maria Laet can be seen as poetics of the sign. In this sense, the artist separates short fragments from the normal flow of reality intervening in space with minimum gestures, creating environmental installations that last just long enough to capture the return of a wave, of wind in the forest, of a wall under the line traced by her hand. Actually one of the most striking aspects of Maria Laet’s artistic language is the strong link with the natural setting, the urgency of synchronizing the gestures of man with the movements of nature. Through the use of materials with organic qualities (like gauze, balloons, fibre or sand, wind, breath and milk) and relying chiefly on the media of photography and drawing, her works express the need for and the possibility of a reconciliation of the human gesture with nature.