Caterina Silva

Caterina Silva, xx-xy, 2010, oil on canvas, 205 x 240 cm Caterina Silva, xx-xy, 2010, oil on canvas, 205 x 240 cm

Born in Rome, 1983, she lives and works in Rome and London.

Caterina Silva is interested in the connections between power and language. Her research explores, through painting, the space between what you can say and what is impossible to express. The works result from encounters with an outer zone, a zone of over-controlled non-control.

In order to reach this zone, Silva experiments with many techniques. She applies several layers of oil paint to a stretched canvas, then shrinks the canvas making the paint crack and sticks the shards onto other paintings. She stamps with a damp cloth on other works and partly sets them on fire. She uses high heels to run and dance in the studio while painting on a canvas hung very high on the wall. She creates and she destroys. The canvases carry the traces of her actions.

Some paintings contain objects and belong to a transitional stage in which the unknown enters the daily, the impersonal becomes personal and the performance becomes life. The viewer has the duty or the freedom to create her/his own personal vision. To give life to his/her own possible reality.