Stéphanie Nava, Lutte permanente du fond avec la surface

Preview 31 May 2017, h 6.30 pm
1 June – 21 July 2017




Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Lutte permanente du fond avec la surface (The constant struggle between the bottom and the surface), a solo exhibition by the French artist Stéphanie Nava.

The artist is presenting a new set of images – a collection of places she has drawn and photographed, be they landscapes or buildings, spaces in the home or the city – that, although with different concerns, are united by the question that has faced any representation since the origins of art: how to work with plane and space, how to get the depth of the image to coexist with the surface of the sheet?

The exhibition includes the series Un derrière un autre, et continuellement (One after the Other, and Continually) inspired by the famous Vietnamese travel destination Ha Long Bay, in which, in the artist’s words, ‘space has no hierarchies’ and ‘depth has no bottom and no centre’, executed in carbon ink on paper.

Large charcoal drawings on paper Paysage géométrique d’intérieur (Geometric Interior Landscape), Pans pour décor japonais (Panels for Japanese Decor) and Feuilles, dedans, dehors (Leaves, Inside, Outside) develop the theme, so dear to the artist, of decoration in relation to architecture, just as architecture as the theatre of relationships is the leitmotif of the series of piezographs La forme d’une ville, le cœur d’un mortel (The Form of a Town, the Heart of a Mortal).

The vision suggested by the artist, her approach to the world, cannot be reduced to a question of form. On the contrary the boldness of her compositions suggests the pressing need always to take a decision, at a conceptual level as well, in the tension between depth and surface.