Veronica Smirnoff, Beyond The Shore

Preview 16th May 2013 - h. 6.30 pm
16th May - 20 July 2013
Critical essay by Mara Ambrozic

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Beyond The Shore, a solo exhibition showcasing new work by the artist Veronica Smirnoff.

Smirnoff's images draw on her experiences of places and fascination with ancient cartography.

Entirely imagined landscapes distort, embellish and select from the world that has little to do with geography, instead focusing on relationship between Place and Myth, familiar and peculiar. 

Constantly reassembling and alluding to pre renaissance and icon painting, folklore and Asian tradition, her paintings offer ambiguous narratives through layers of pigment ground from semi-precious stones, leaving nothing to chance as suggested by the discipline of traditional Egg Tempera technique.

Maintaining a symbolic appearance, these works could be read as "cognitive maps" that open up a different sensibility through the use of historical languages, memory and imagination.