Kristine Alksne, Displaced Fractures

Preview 20th September  2012 h. 6.30 pm
20th September – 3rd November 2012
Critical Essay by Gabi Scardi

Gallery Riccardo Crespi presents Displaced Fractures, Kristine Alksne’s solo show.

Alksne’s works have their origin in a series of pieces of visual information that the artist picks up from her surroundings, in the reality she lives from day to day: a reality made up of natural phenomena observed in their organic transience and in the most minute detail; and comprising many movements, be they long journeys or minimal changes of location. Under her attentive gaze neither the routes we walk along every day, nor the landscapes that we watch unfold beneath us from the window of the airplane while we fly from one continent to another, pass unobserved. Elements and details drawn from these visions are recorded and recomposed in these vibrant maps of imaginary landscapes. 

Kristine Alksne’s gaze is light, crystalline, unrhetorical par excellence. Her panoramas are made up of islands, promontories and archipelagos. These panoramas seem to have had their weight taken away. But they are not evanescent. On the contrary: in Alksne’s work vagueness and precision, lightness and definition are combined; her landscapes, realized in great detail, have indented coastlines and precisely delineated rocks.

On show oil on canvas and sculptures, rather installations, that draw on from the same iconography.

The installations have been made out of open books which have been carved into the shape of a landscape and then covered with layers of cement. The books have been found by chance and salvaged; they are encyclopaedias or texts on economics that represent, admittedly, the culture and civilization that we have created over time, but whose energy seemed to have reached the end of the road.

Apparently exhausted objects that have nevertheless been preserved from the rubbish heap; thus their life has been extended in the poetic act that is the work.