Søren Lose, Tales from Paradise

Preview 10 February 2011, 6:30 pm
11 February 2011 – 26 March 2011
With a text by di Mara Ambrožič




The Galleria Riccardo Crespi presents Tales from Paradise, the second solo exhibition by the Danish artist Søren Lose.

The exhibition Tales from Paradise, which is made up of a series of photographs, a video-story and a collection of notes written by the artist, presents the results of the research carried out by Søren Lose on two journeys made to the United States Virgin Islands, territories of the Danish Crown during the times of mercantile colonialism.

As the title suggests, it takes the form of a collection of stories and fragments that are developed together in a single narrative framework, within which the artist explores the perception of things, reshaping the boundaries between reality and fiction, in search of an intermediate space, situated between the ‘not yet’ and the ‘no longer’.

In the works on show every element turns out to be different from what is expected: in the video-tale shot on the island of Saint Croix the tropical beauty of the place cloaks what is in fact a complex historical, social and cultural identity. Likewise, in the thirteen photographs that portray the colonial ruins in black and white, we find the expression of a precise determination on the artist’s part not to limit the possible interpretations to the triumph of history or the idyll of nature, but to provide an opportunity to observe them as unique moments, suspended between immutability and decay.

Thus Tales from Paradise indicates to the viewer the possibility of considering the importance of the partial and subjective perception of history, which is inevitably dictated by the perspective from which it is told, and stimulates reflection on the infinite visions of a place that are formed in the mind of someone who lives in it or, simply, visits it.