Gal Weinstein, Beside, Each, Other

Preview 16 September 6:30 p.m.
16 September – 30 October 2010
Curated by Gabi Scardi


Riccardo Crespi presents Beside, Each, Other, the first solo show in Italy by the Israeli artist Gal Weinstein.
The exhibition will be given a coherent and unified layout made up of works that have for the most part been created specifically for the occasion: installations of a sculptural character and on an environmental scale, two-dimensional works and videos.
The subject is the complex and ambivalent nature of any public demonstration, as well as the ubiquity of our attitudes and even our sense of identity.
The lower floor of the gallery will be dominated by a large sculpture consisting of a number of burning tires that produce dense black smoke. Several large representations of fingerprints act as a counterpoint. The image of the tyres in flames evokes situations of chaos and communal tension, the social anger and runaway reactions linked to the impulse to demonstrate ʻagainstʼ something; the fingerprints, on the other hand, are an unequivocal allusion to the uniqueness of every human being.
In the central room on the upper floor, a long football table speaks of uniformity within a system that, based on the power of aggregation and involvement, tends to homogenize; but the shapes of the players, made out of fragile porcelain, express the vulnerability of the system itself. Around it will be installed a series of selfportraits
made out of steel fibre.
In the other room, a video in which the moon goes through its phases and several two-dimensional works that represent a forest fire: works that speak of change and of the cyclical nature of all things.
Thus, between individual and collective aspirations, between order and chaos, control and explosion, between revolt and acquiescence, emerges the image of the human being at grips with subjective desires, with a sense of responsibility towards the surroundings, with the difficulty of maintaining an independent position within a social organism that tends to conformity.
If revolt is a necessary impulse, is hope and nihilism at one and the same time, cohesion is solidarity, but lurking within it too is the temptation of an expedient alignment and the danger of standardization.
This is the meaning of the works that Gal Weinstein realizes with great skill, although using heterogeneous materials that are often of little value, from wood to porcelain, from wax to polystyrene and steel fibre...
The lack of consistency between the rigor of the design and the realization, between the significance of the themes and the images selected and the simplicity of the materials, creates short-circuits of meaning in his work and raises questions about the relations that can exist between interpretation and experience, between expression and opinion.