Shin il Kim, Active Anesthesia

Preview 20 September
21 September – 3 November 2007

On the 21th of September Galleria Riccardo Crespi will begin its second year of activity, presenting Active Anesthesia, an exhibition by the Korean artist Shin il Kim.

The works on show are focused on the anaesthesia concept: starting from a reflection on the passive state in which the anaesthetic forces the involved subject, Shin il Kim inquires on the possible reaction to this narcotizing situation, that in daily contexts paralyzes us and constrain us, identifying in some powers, as the light, the opportunity for an active opposition.

In different cultures light is one of the primary sources of the creating entity: in the jewish-christian culture, God created light the first of the seven days of the Genesis, conferring it numerous symbolic meanings; in Buddism also the cosmos is conceived like particles composed by light and energy. The artist interprets light as the smallest compressed fraction of primary entities: although immaterial, it is the element thanks to which we perceive the reality, light shapes everything, also what is in someway anesthetized, spreading, through its reflection, one small part of their true essence.

Fluctuating between several video sources, light becomes an active component in Shin il Kim works: the potential “materiality” of the video is expressed in using it as the medium able to personify the concept of Active Anesthesia. In this work, we can see square colours inclined at 45° and boxed in an aluminium structure, than on one side receives a video projection on the totality of its surface, on the other offers to the viewers the light modulation of the same video, making the squares surface appear like one series of macro-pixels, primary fragments of the digital truth.

In the video installation Decoded Love, the artist is inspired by the first colour film in history, The toll of the sea (1922) in which is narrated a love story similar to Puccini’s Madame Butterfly is narrated: the affective unbalance which favours man and dominates the woman. This story allows the artist to make some parallelisms between this lack of purity of intentions in the feeling of love and the “strong powers” that tend to control the world through wars waged in the name of peace.

Trying to visually interpret and reconstruct the film, the artist identified a scene for each character, maintaining the original sound effects and transmitting single fragments on 5 different dvd connected to as many monitors, hidden under a circular structure. Once in the darkened room, the viewer will be able to watch the constant change in the lights, in their positions and in their colours: entering inside or turning around the luminous circle, the perceptions of sounds levels of the single scenes related with the position of the lights will be different.