Caterina Silva, Soggetto. Oggetto. Abietto. (Subject. Object. Abject.)

Preview 29th April 2015 h. 6.30 pm
30th April – 18th July 2015

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Soggetto. Oggetto. Abietto. (Subject. Object. Abject.) a solo show by the Italian artist Caterina Silva based at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

Caterina Silva investigates, through painting, the primary emotions – fear, joy, delirium – that drive the human being to the creative act.

The title of the exhibition plays on the musicality of words that recall – well away from a nursery rhyme - the complexity of the dialectic as studied by Julia Kristeva in her text Pouvoirs de l'horreur. Essai sur l'abjection, 1980 (Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection). According to the renowned linguist, abjection is a necessary step to build the identity, likewise it becomes part of the works by Catherine Silva packed with characters and imaginary stories embodied by forms and signs in summarized narratives.

Caterina Silva was born in 1983 in Rome. She lives and works in Amsterdam and Rome.