Planning to Rock, The Bolton Wanderer

Performance 29th March - 10 pm
Studio Digital, via Tortona 35, Milan

Planning to Rock is a solo project by the musician and video artist, Janine Rostron (Berlin/GER-Bolton/GB), where her performance in Milan, promoted by Galleria Riccardo Crespi, which brings the conclusive appointment of The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder, a performance project by Marianna Vecellio.

The sonority developed by PTR, is distinguished by uniqueness and originality: from studies of classic violin since childhood, to today’s eccentric mix of timpani’s, synth gone crazy and walls of gigantic harmonies, able to transform her music into a work of grotesque pop with a strong vocation of Hip Hop.

Defined as “the fruit of a love in acid between Ozzie Osbourne and Kate Bush”, Planning to Rock is able to synthesize her vocal and performance abilities as well as apolinic and dionisiac spirit:  the concept of “double” lives in Planning to Rock and in her rocking between depths, vocalized scratches and high soprano notes.

Her musical performance electrifies the dance floor, hypnotizing the audience with a visible, refined and involving power that conjugates perfectly with the intents and reflections of the project The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder.  An in depth poeticized analysis of this exceptional Anglo-German artist, allows us to evaluate, even different with respect to the previous appointments of the project, the discussion of the identity of the artist and moving away from reality.

For the evening in Milan Janine Rostron (aka PTR) presents a live performance and musical installation “The Bolton Wanderer”, from the title of her big success in 2006, inspired by her birth city, and transports us in a surreal electrical dimension.  The singer/video artist transforms herself thanks to the use of scene costumes made expressly for this occasion, helmets and scene props, in a visionary dandy of pop-expressionist glamour, integrated with video projections that play behind her.  For the occasion PTR has made a series of drawings and collages.

Rostron owns a record label in Berlin