Liselotte Höhs

Liselotte Höhs, Garibaldi, carpet, 103 x 103 cm Liselotte Höhs, Garibaldi, carpet, 103 x 103 cm

Born in Vienna, 1939. Lives and works in Venice.

The work of Liselotte Höhs is inspired by her many travels in Asia, Africa, Alaska and the Americas, where she learns new techniques and discovers new materials which she then uses in an always cheerful and unusual way. However, whatever the technique or the material, its Venetian formation appears clear in the way of composing shapes and colors to reach solid structures and vibrant effects. Liselotte Höhs' way of telling is conceptual, a brilliant synthesis, a summary of a sudden feeling. The surrender is free, apparently instinctive, not restrained by perspective shackles, nor by pictorial rules.

(Painting Now 2, Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Milan)