Nasan Tur

Nasan Tur was born in Offenbach (Germany) in 1974. He lives and works in Berlin.


Public Privacy is an itinerary between public and private, to discover that "place" in which individual and collective sensitivity intersect.
Nasan Tur's artistic career focuses on the dialogue between art and the world of everyday life. From this research comes the Public Privacy project which, with different media and with subtle irony, faces the difficult relationship between individual and society.
The young artist focuses on the shattering of the individual's personality, on the massified and unique character of the individual, on superficial stereotypes and standardized behaviors.
Nasan Tur develops an ideal journey that moves around the anxieties of the loss of the ego typical of our time. In his works the single individual loses his unity to find only pieces of his personality, lost in the banality of the mass.
Central to his artistic poetry is the repetitiveness of everyday life, expressed through the gestures and words that mark everyday life.
The art of Nasan Tur wants to enter society by investing it with its regenerative power to give new life to the waste of everyday life.