Kristine Alksne

Born in Riga, Latvia in 1980, lives and works in Berlin.

Kristine Alksne’s works have their origin in a series of pieces of visual information that the artist picks up from her surroundings, in the reality that she lives from day to day: a reality made up of natural phenomena observed in their organic transience and in the most minute detail. Elements and details drawn from these visions are recorded and recomposed in these vibrant maps of imaginary landscapes.Kristine Alksne’s gaze is light, crystalline, unrhetorical par excellence. Her panoramas are made up of islands, promontories and archipelagos.Her works seem to state that when vision renounces rhetoric, when it can no longer be reduced to mere eyesight and criteria of objectivity, when it is not aimed exclusively at the gathering of data or practical information, it becomes possible to see wonders.

Kristine Alksne, Displaced Fractures, 2012