Maddalena Sisto

Born in Alessandria, 1951.

Journalist, architect, traveler, illustrator, and passionate observer of her time, Maddalena Sisto told thirty years of fashion, design, costume and a feminine world that remained the same, with her designs. His drawings, those published in the many magazines he collaborated with (almost all of them), those with which he filled endless notebooks, which he sowed on train tickets and boxes of matches, which he used to leave messages and give instructions at home, are more or less elaborate, more or less colorful, more or less connoted by the collaboration with this or that newspaper, but they are all pervaded by an irony in a state of grace and a smiling understanding / compassion of the vices and virtues of women and society of end of the millennium.

Her works are known for his watercolors in which extraordinary mutations are represented (female plants, flower women, broken women ...) and trendy environments with elegant ladies and designer furniture, but the quick sketches are equally clever and incisive in black and white and the many snapshots recorded with the marker in the airports of the world, on the beach of Bonassola, on the paths of the Maloja, at the market of Marrakesh.