Wunderkammer: Caterina Silva, La paura mangia l'anima, l'anima mangia la paura

Preview 21 Ottobre 2014 h. 6.30 pm


Riccardo Crespi presents Wunderkammer, a new project that is intended to liven up the programming of the gallery with interventions limited to a single room, a cabinet of wonders hosting selected works or site-specific installations by young or already established artists, from Italy or abroad.
The first appointment is with Caterina Silva (Rome) an Italian artist based at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.
Caterina Silva investigates, through painting, the primary emotions – fear, joy, delirium – that drive the human being to the creative act.
The painted images present themselves as succinct narrative forms and allude to an imaginary elsewhere free from hierarchies in which signs turn into objects, trees are humanized and become jugglers and triangles use indecipherable tongues to tell secret stories and suggest possible new realities to humanity. 

A Radical Pruning
Afraid is an oak tree.
Like all oak trees it can become many things at once, depending on the point of observation.
On 27 July I came back to Italy to say hello to it and photograph it.
Comparing the photo with others taken earlier, I realized that instead of growing it was shrinking. The decrease in size was not substantial and yet I was sure that it was not a modification caused by the wind nor a question of framing.
I went back to the place and tried to understand what it was telling me.
I don’t often talk to trees because they have a tendency not to listen. They monopolize attention and don’t accept interruptions. Afraid’s strong Umbrian accent and inclination to swear continually further complicated matters.
As I had foreseen, as soon as it heard me arrive it started shouting, waving its arms, flapping his leaves, crossing its branches, swallowing its shoots. I picked up a large and hard stone and threw it at its breast. Then it calmed down for a few seconds and it told me what I had to do. Immediately afterwards it started to get agitated again.
I cut off all its branches because it wanted to become an apple tree.
The operation of pruning did grave damage to my hearing, so I cannot listen to all the various problems of its new life as an apple tree.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Caterina Silva 2014