Dreaming Beauties, Sofia Cacciapaglia, Ludovica Gioscia, Marta Sforni, Veronica Smirnoff

Preview 30th May 2012 h 6.30 pm
31st May – 27th July 2012
Critical Essay by Micol Di Veroli

Galleria Riccardo Crespi presents Dreaming Beauties, a group exhibition of four artists: Sofia Cacciapaglia, Ludovica Gioscia, Marta Sforni and Veronica Smirnoff.

Within the four artists’ sensory pathway, we can gain a four-dimensional and oneiric vision of the concept of beauty, finally free from any balance mechanism. The differences in styles and techniques contribute to the re-programming of any physical and conceptual expression, until the complete perceptive bewilderment.

Sofia Cacciapaglia’s delicate and stately works present images of female forms that merge to become abstract forms, in an allegory of the inescapable cycle of human nature, where a women’s material nature or ‘being’ obsessively returns to its essence. The work captures this state of existence between dream and reality in an imaginary world with floral and botanical echoes and anthropomorphic images.

Ludovica Giosciaexplores the contemporary world through its obsessions and symbols, borrowing the raw graphic aesthetics of Pop Art to analyze reality. Lipsticks and glossy commercial images become unsuspecting actors – collected, examined and recycled - to produce a new aesthetic. The works function as archives of the neurotic and compulsive universe of female consumerism.

Marta Sforni’s painted images of chandeliers on multiple canvases suggest a deep reflection on the notion of beauty; a moment of contemplation and investigation in the chaos of contemporary life. Through a strong decorative value, the artist seems to have chosen the lightness of being to penetrate the mystery of existence. The ethereal quality of the paintings combines elements of asymmetrical structure with a desire for wholeness that is maybe unattainable.

Veronica Smirnoff’s traditional painting technique, working with egg tempera on wood and plaster, combines formal and conceptual cultures. Her sources include Russian icons and references to the history of Western art, and contemporary events and imagery. The importance of memory is central to the work; the tension between the compulsion to remember and oblivion; to escape from the stories and memories that are the origin and source of identity, yet are at the same time full of the ghosts of our past.

Dreaming Beauties therefore bursts into an aesthetic feeling that goes beyond reality to flow into a dreamy dimension where new shapes and new meanings germinate.