Painting Now

Preview 26 November 2015 h. 6.30 pm
27 November 2015 – 16 January 2016

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Painting Now,a joint exhibition that, far from setting out to be exhaustive, makes a brief exploration of contemporary painting through the works of Giulia Andreani, Romain Bernini, Nathalie du Pasquier, Cristiano Menchini, Roee Rosen, Marta Sforni, Caterina Silva, Veronica Smirnoff, Sinta Tantra and Gal Weinstein.

Over the last decade painting, which had previously been pushed onto the side-lines of contemporary artistic production, has come back to the forefront of the global avant-garde.

With art having reached the end of its strictly “linguistic” journey, the painting of today is characterized by a great eclecticism which it is difficult to describe in a non-contradictory way, since there are no longer any true currents limited by geographical borders, nor schools or common approaches. Nevertheless, in the sometimes questionable attempt to define what painting is, it is possible to search for traces that end up intertwined in a process in which the figurative often can no longer be distinguished from the abstract.

Looking at the most diverse influences, from the New Leipzig School in Germany to the post-digital, from new inspirations coming out of Africa to figuration along American lines, what emerges is the realization that it is not possible to shed light on painting as whole. All that can be done is to add a small piece to the understanding of how this fascinating and immortal practice is changing.