Emma Ciceri | Almerino Vola

Preview 28 January 2016 h. 6.30
29 January– 19 March 2016

The Galleria Riccardo Crespi presents Emma Ciceri’s second solo exhibition, Almerino Vola (‘Almerino Flies’).

Emma Ciceri’s research establishes a direct relationship with reality through prolonged and close observation, allowing her to pick up the tension that emerges in the dialectic between individuality and multitude, in a continual seeking for subjectivity in the crowd.

The starting point for this exhibition is an image that crops up frequently in the artist’s mind: a man surrounded by pigeons as if he were a sort of temporary perch for the birds. Ciceri’s tenacity in looking in reality for an image that up until that moment only she had seen led to her meeting with Almerino, a man who has been living for many years with a flock of birds to which he devotes all his time and his attention. He has built numerous structures and roosts for these creatures and spends entire days with them, carrying out actions that are repeated and turn time into an intense and refined spectacle. The artist, who spent a lot of her own time with Almerino over the course of two years, in different seasons and at different moments of the day, has altered the original conception of her work, without wanting to strain its vision.

The result is a series of photographsAlmerino Vola (‘Almerino Flies’), and a video with the same title, in which Ciceri limited herself to filming and then archiving the footage while respecting the place and its rhythms, until she had established a real relationship with them. This has allowed her to investigate the calling of this creator who accumulates waste materials and assembles them, never with productive or decorative intentions but driven by the need to make places for the life of other living creatures.

The exhibition is completed by a second video, Nenia, and some installations.

During the opening a debate will be held between Emma Ciceri and the philosopher Leonardo Caffo, at the end of which a text will be drawn up that will accompany the public in its reflection on the themes suggested by the works.