Letizia Cariello, Zio Albert

Preview 13th April 2012, 6.30 pm.
14th April – 19 May 2012
Critical contribution by Rischa Paterlini

Riccardo Crespi Gallery is pleased to present Zio Albert, Letizia Cariello’s solo show.

The title was inspired by a character from the famous film Mary Poppins, namely uncle Albert, who is the protagonist of one of the key episodes from Disney’s transposition of the novel.

In fact, as it happens in the film, in the installation in the gallery basement, the furniture come to life and “levitate”, since for the artist, “they are one with human beings with whom they share the space”.

Besides, the big three-place bed, decorated with calendars that recur in Letizia Cariello’s work, the room is animated by a ghost-table without top and bigger than normal, three children’s chairs that seem out of scale and a chandelier/rope, a hybrid object that investigates the space of the gallery "deep as a soul".

At the entrance, the work Cappotto Calendario, "that flies like a ghost", welcomes the visitor and reasserts that nothing is so heavy to give back to the bodies their gravity. Thus, the artist wants to state that the relationship between people leaving in a space is the only real strength when facing the obsessive pressing of time.