Wunderkammer | Patrizia Giambi | Carta dei 25 anni

Preview 21 June 2016, h. 6.30 pm
22 June – 15 October 2016

based on an idea of Patrizia Dal Re | curated by Marco Scotini

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Patrizia Giambi. Carta dei 25 anni,third show of new edition of Wunderkammer, a project of participatory culture: a space in the gallery is being offered to new patrons who desire to present and promote the work of Italian artists.

Patrizia Giambi is the artist chosen by Patrizia Dal Re and curated by Marco Scotini.

The artist is always compelled to map the world through an episodic project that she named Inventario Morale (Moral Inventory). It is a backwards inventory, which marks what is missing, what indicates a loss from a moral point of view and it is processed in works that welcome "the other", "other artists" as part of her own, with formally independent projects connoted by irony, playful lightness and unexpected "subversive" elements.

In this case, Patrizia Giambi manipulates her first work, a work on paper that shows a relationship between the word and the object and she declines it back to front: from a  photograph the work becomes again  an object and thus invades the Wunderkammer.