Romain Bernini | Rainbow Chasers

Preview 21 November 2017, h 6.30 pm
22 November 2017 – 8 February 2018

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Rainbow Chasersthe French artist Romain Bernini’s first solo exhibition in Italy.

Romain Bernini’s approach to painting is rooted in the concept of ritual, not only in the sense that the creation of the work is the manual realization of an idea, made through the artist’s day-to-day relationship with his canvas, but also in that of the search for subjects which can be connected with this notion: a liturgy, a mystery, a feeling of ecstasy.

His large figurative paintings establish a direct, almost physical relationship with the viewer, who is immersed in suspended landscapes, those of a tropical paradise, or confronted by personages that seem familiar, and yet are troubling. A recurrent feature is the mask, which allows him to speak at one and the same time of identity and of cultural and social mingling, with sometimes absurd combinations, metaphors for the contemporary melting pot.

In the exhibition, a series of pictures from the artist’s recent body of work, some of the assemblages from the Vâhana series that Bernini made out of distinct paintings which were then installed together to create another context, although an abstract one, for the figures in the foreground and new drawings from the Cargo Cult series.