Marta Sforni | DAVANTI

Preview 21 February 2018 h. 6.30 pm
22 February – 28 April 2018

Riccardo Crespi presents DAVANTI (IN FRONT) the second solo show by the Italian artist Marta Sforni at the gallery.

Marta Sforni's works, based on ornament and the appropriation of decorative objects, lead to a "revived" abstraction, through the meticulous study of detail - to quote the curator Lydia Korndörfer, currently Professor in Art History and Aesthetics at the University of Berlin: “Adolf Loos would probably call the Italian painter Marta Sforni a criminal, because in her works she celebrates precisely what the precursor of the modern age called a crime against society: the ornament”.

The mirror is the focus of the artist’s recent works. It is a point of departure for a meditation on the pairs: object and reflection, observer and observed, depth and surface, light and darkness, recalling the tradition of western allegorical painting.

On display are a series of small oil on canvas paintings and a selection from the new corpus of works, entitled Mirror. Sforni presents precisely limited portions of great mirrors, richly framed: a volute, a curl, a delicate ornament that interposes itself between the spectator and the endless space in the mirror. Her work is a glance over the shoulder, a vision of the future that cannot disregard the past.