Emma Ciceri, Anatomia - Folle

Preview 22nd January 2013, ore 18.30
23rd January – 23rd February 2013
Critical Essay by Gabi Scardi


Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Anatomia - Folle, a solo show by Italian artist Emma Ciceri.

Ciceri’s work is configured as an in-depth investigation of reality through the observation of minimal gestures or little tensions. The artist looks at the individual and the crowd, in a continuous research of individuality in the crowd, which becomes a pretext for the close observation of people.

Her works get their impetus from grand collective scenes: student demonstrations, rock concerts, train journeys, a stadium still emptying of people, a party in prison.

But in her work the impersonal aspect of these situations, the collective modes of behaviour with their power to sweep people along and their repetitive character do not get the upper hand; instead they coexist with the distinctiveness of individuals.

This is the main theme of the 5 video works in the show, 14dicembre2010, 21giugno2007, Zone, Lode and Anatomia - Folle. The effect is cinematic but in no way anecdotal.

On show, also two series of works on paper: in the series of ‘erasures’ Senza Titolo, and in the video Zone, the images, taken from newspapers and magazines, are progressively erased until only one element emerges.

Similarly, in the series of drawings Isolamenti the profiles of a number of individuals stand out against the neutral background of a series of ordinary sheets of squared paper; these are reprocessed images from photographs of prisoners with their families.

Once again, what interests Emma Ciceri is precisely the relationship between the one and the whole.