Emma Ciceri | Respiro Sole (A Ico)

Preview 21 May 2019 h.18.30

22 May - 19 July 2019
curated by Gabi Scardi

Riccardo Crespi presents Respiro Sole, Emma Ciceri’s third solo show at the gallery.

Accurate observation of the reality is the driving force of this artist's research, who moves among video and installation, drawing and painting, in minimal compositions of forms and thoughts, to express the eternal dialogue between the individual and his context, from particular to the social sphere.

On display: the recent production of 'erasures' Senza Titolo. Scraps of a storytelling taken from newspapers and magazines, fragments and pages that have been archived by Ciceri and then materially erased, until the only details that are necessary for her can emerge.

In the same way, the videos appears as tableaux vivants, they are more metaphors in motion than a finished report: in Non Potete Andare via anche se il Vento a poco a poco Vi Sconvolge the still camera films a scene built on purpose by the artist. On the contrary, in Respiro Sole the artist voluntarily bends to the ritual randomness of everyday life: the training for the void to focus attention on the essential.

The exhibition is completed by a slideshow from 2010, Approfittando del Vuoto, to witness the continuity of an almost ascetic practice, and two small installations that crystallize in a few elements the artist’s contemplative universe.