Natura & Destino

Preview 13 April - 6.30p.m.
13 April – 8 May 2010


Riccardo Crespi gallery presents the group show Natura & Destino, based on the text thus entitled in the Italian translation by the Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz (1903-1989).

About twenty Italian and international artists have been asked to rethink the relationship between nature and destiny in their artistic research, expressed through different techniques, from drawing to photography, sculpture to installation, performance to video.

Lorenz’s reflections, starting with scientific observation of the animal world, theorize a third way between nature and nurture to respond to one of the most controversial issues of existence, that of destiny, hypothesized as the result of causes, some of which can be determined, while others are unpredictable.

For the Austrian ethologist a course of life exists that intertwines the destiny of all living beings. It is precisely in this reflection on the mystery of nature as a course of life shared by all species that man displays his natural propensity to pursue knowledge and learning through that particular feature of his mind that is called intuition.

In this sense intuition appears to be a sudden, resolving moment of rational and scientific reasoning, but also a generative spark of artistic magic. So art and science have a profound connection, found in this inscrutable ability of human beings.

Artist on show: Roberto Ago (Italy, 1972), Kristine Alksne (Latvia, 1980), Paola Anziché (Italy, 1975), Eden Bannet (Israel, 1980), Beth Campbell (USA, 1971), Letizia Cariello (Italy,1965), Beatrice Catanzaro (Italy, 1975), Loredana di Lillo (Italy, 1979), Francesca Grilli (Italy, 1978), Katie Holten (Ireland, 1975), Talia Keinan (Israel, 1978), Maria Laet (Brazil, 1982), Marcelo Moscheta (Brazil, 1976), Stephanie Nava (France, 1973), Perino (New York, 1973) & Vele (Italy, 1975), Paride Petrei (Italy, 1980), Maddalena Sisto (Italy, 1951-2000), Eugenia Vanni (Italy, 1980), Gal Weinstein (Israel, 1970) .

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue – printed in Italian, English and German - with contributions by Marco Antonini, Eugenia Bertelè, Chiara Bertola, Ilaria Bonacossa, Lorenzo Bruni, Federica Bueti, Caroline Corbetta, Milovan Farronato, Ilaria Gianni, Cristiana Perrella, Michele Robecchi, Gabi Scardi, Marco Tagliafierro. The volume with also include a text by the anthropologist Sofia Rasini and by the psychologist Paolo Nepoti.