Everybody Knows What the Other One is Thinking

Preview 18 September 2009, 6:30 pm
19 September 2009 – 7 November 2009
Essay by Gabi Scardi

The Galleria Riccardo Crespi presents the first solo exhibition by the Italian artist Eugenia Vanni.

The show will be made up of about twenty works, ranging from installations to graphic art to drawings on canvas depicting landscapes made out of black cardboard cut-outs, rubber and neon.

The ideal guiding thread of the exhibition is the sense of failure and approximation that accompanies all the works, which look almost like scientific results, but ones that stem from aesthetic processes which the artist has deliberately made technically indefinable.

She makes her drawing, for example, on rough surfaces, so that it loses its erasable character and becomes indelible instead.

And it is the drawing itself that naturally contains a continual reference to the art of the Renaissance, an artistic substratum which is an indissoluble part of Eugenia’s make-up, precisely because of the artist’s strong ties with the Sienese region and the history of its art.

In the exhibition, in fact, the very idea of the ‘technique’ and media utilized by Eugenia is brought into question and looked at in an unconventional way, becoming in her hands an almost scientific and objective instrument for the study of the world because, in the artist’s view, techniques are the very image that they bring about.

Thus the space of the gallery, given its distinctive structure, takes on the function of an observatory in which nature and society are discovered as if for the first time, becoming the results of experiments whose objective is the understanding of reality.