Søren Lose, Return to Tomorrowland

Preview November 27th, 2008 – 6.30 p.m.
November 28th, 2008 – January 17th, 2009
Essay by Paola Noè


Galleria Riccardo Crespi is pleased to present Return to Tomorrowland, the first solo exhibition in Italy by the Danish artist Søren Lose.

In his work Søren Lose uses photography, video, found photos and installation to investigate layers of history and time, revealing intertwined relations between personal stories and collective memory through the mechanisms of recollection and representation.

On display is the photographic series Tomorrowland, which stems from the time the artist has spent in Istanbul, a place of political, cultural and religious exchanges and conflicts, an emblem of the fusion of time, history, architecture and memory.

The buildings and cityscapes of Tomorrowland photographed in black and white, digitally altered and decontextualized – reveal Søren Lose’s imaginative and paradoxical skill in outlining a presence that has already become past and yet suggests a place in the future.

The series is completed by three light boxes, The Hagia Sophia, Odakule, dawn and The Well, which show us an uncanny, empty city in colour, photographed at dusk.

The series Transitions is based on the same experience, as a sort of illustrated diary in which architectural constructions of Istanbul are juxtaposed in an imaginary tour made up of photographic fragments.

In the two sculptures entitled Transmutation, that are derived from the photographs in the Transitions series, Søren Lose condenses different periods and places through the use of the innovative technique of rapid prototyping, which allows three-dimensional models to be created from digital renderings. The end result is an assemblage that further underlines the mixture of styles and forms present in Istanbul, taken as metaphor for the stratification of history and memory to be found in any contemporary city.