The Perfect Remedy

Preview 25 June, 6 pm
25 June – 26 July 2008
curated by Marco Tagliafierro

Riccardo Crespi gallery is pleased to present The Perfect Remedy, a group show curated by Marco Tagliafierro.

The aim of exhibition is to offer a panorama of new Italian art, with thirty-five young artists, some up-and-coming and others already established, who will work in sequence, creating a sort of single installation that is built up out of different media and sensibilities.

The exhibition turns around a protean continuum that extends through all the works. One after the other, and in a randomly determined order, the artists take the intervention of the previous artist as a starting point for their own work, creating an imaginary Arianne's thread that winds its way through the whole exhibition space.

An initial sign recalls the metaphor of the cadavre exquis: as in this famous game, each artist reaffirms or repudiates the significance of the previous artist’s contribution, through an inevitable and fascinating evolution of the original meaning.

In this way the Galleria Riccardo Crespi becomes a kind of blank sheet on which the artists play to construct their different installations.

The exhibition space is transformed into scenery and becomes an integral part of the exhibition, playing an indispensable part in shaping the understanding of the works and the artists.

So for the curator the ideal setting is the colour white, tangible manifestation of a perfect coincidence between the ponderable and the imponderable, presenting itself as a reliable point of reference for observers, helping them to gain a greater comprehension of the aesthetical phenomena from a strictly scientific point of view as well as from that of a pure element of subjective perception.

Over the course of the fifteen days it taked to mount the exhibition, the staff the gallery document the phases of conception and realization of each work, thereby revealing the DNA of the event itself.

Having reached the end of its second season of exhibitions (it opened in September 2006), the Galleria Riccardo Crespi has decided to mark its first two years of activity with an exhibition that is a homage to new Italian art.

In the year in which Manifesta will be staged in Italy, a young gallery has invited thirty-five young Italian artists to show in its spaces as an example of the nation’s art scene.


Antonio Barletta, Chiara Battistini, Michele Bazzana, Marco Belfiore, Alessandro Belgiojoso, Rossana Buremi, Leonardo Corallini, Loredana of Lillo, Matteo Fato, Ludovica Gioscia, Paolo Gonzato, Benedetta Jacovoni, Giovanni Kronenberg, Federico Maddalozzo, Carlo Maria Maggia, Stefano Mandracchia, Sebastiano Mauri, Jacopo Miliani, Enrico Morsiani, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Benedetta Panisson, Federico Pietrella, Marta Pierobon, Anja Puntari, Alessandro Roma, Pietro Ruffo, Lidia Sanvito, Felice Serreli, Marta Sforni, Paolo W. Tamburella, Nicola Toffolini, Eugenia Vanni, Marcella Vanzo, Enrico Vezzi, Mauro Vignando.