Wunderkammer | Sebastiano Sofia | Quello che il bruco chiama fine del mondo

Preview 10 March 2016, h. 6.30 pm
curated by Denis Isaia | based on an idea of Giorgio Fasol’s

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Sebastiano Sofia. Quello che il bruco chiama fine del mondo,second show of new edition of Wunderkammer, a project of participatory culture: a space in the gallery is being offered to new patrons who desire to present and promote the work of young Italian artists.
Each collector involved selects an artist and undertakes to support the project, perhaps through the involvement of a curator, chosen by the ‘patron’ himself. This provides a guarantee of the credibility of the entire process through the establishment of relations between collectors and curators in the setting of the gallery.
Sebastiano Sofia (Verona, 1986) is the artist chosen by Giorgio Fasol and curated by Denis Isaia. He constantly works with the focus on the material as a methaphor of transience and movement and on the subversion of the species and gender categories.
Sebastiano Sofia, born in Verona in 1986, trained at Naba in Milan. He’s been Luca Trevisani’s studio assistant, in 2013 he was selected for Viafarini residency program in Milan and in 2015 he was an artist in residence at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice.