Shin il Kim, Observing That Gap

Shin il Kim
Observing That Gap
Preview 31 March 2016, h 6.30 pm
1 April  – 21 May 2016

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents the third solo show by the south Korean artist Shin il Kim, Observing That Gap.

Starting out from a reflection on the state of passivity, of numbness of the senses, that in many ways characterizes our daily life, Shin Il Kim seeks to reawaken an active condition, to stimulate us to look at the world in a more conscious and participatory way, recovering the influence of Buddhist philosophy, particularly on the practice of analytical meditation.

The artist focuses our attention to observe the gap between things, because “if things were connected to each other with no gap in between, we can neither tell something from others nor can we name anything. Things and gaps in between in fact exist together, and emptiness has its own role.”

On show, a series of new drawings on polycarbonate, some sculptures and video installations focused on light, the main element that reveals and gives substance to the works.