Wunderkammer | Maria Rapicavoli | Memorandus

Preview 28 April 2016, h. 6.30 pm
29 April – 4 June 2016
based on an idea of Alberto Toffoletto’s
curated by Gabi Scardi

Riccardo Crespi gallery presents Maria Rapicavoli. Memorandus,third show of new edition of Wunderkammerproject of participatory culture: a space in the gallery is being offered to new patrons who desire to present and promote the work of young Italian artists.
Maria Rapicavoli is the artist chosen by Alberto Toffoletto and curated by Gabi Scardi. Her work explores conditions of power, alienation, invisibility and displacement, through a critique of global economic and political systems, often taking the cue from her native Sicily. The intent is to make visible the ways in which the structures of economical, political and military power impact on our everyday life. Rapicavoli’s research is never strictly documentary nor educational: the artist invite the viewers to reconsider the present through a critical analysis of the past.

On show a series of photographs from the project started in 2008 If you saw what I saw, about Maxi Trial in Palermo, and small porcelain sculptures that constitute the final development of that work.